Soap and Shampoo for Sensitive People

So many of us are finding that they have become extremely sensitive to environmental toxins of all kinds.  This can be due to overexposure, allergies, immune issues, epigenetics, or all of the above.

One thing is clear:  it’s more important than ever to try to make our household environment as non-toxic and environmentally sound as possible.   There are often a lot of unnecessary things added in these kinds of products — colorings, fillers, scents, just a crazy number of unneeded ingredients that may not be  good for our health or the planet.

After considerable study, trial and error and a lot of years of learning about meeting the needs of sensitive people, here are the products that my kids and I like to use.  I’ve tried to give you at least a picture or a link for each product.

Hand and Body Soap

We used to use another natural liquid soap, but I found that the kids got it all over, including in their eyes.  For us, we’ve found our absolute FAVE handsoap – it’s Deep Steep foaming handsoap, in the Grapefruit Bergamot scent.  It FOAMS onto your hands, super rich and creamy.    And then it smells *amazing* and really makes you want to wash your hands more, which is the best of all worlds, in my opinion!  I’m very sensitive to scents, even natural ones, so normally I’ll choose unscented things, but this is one delightful exception.  It uses natural essences and does not give me any problem, quite the contrary.  A touch of positive aromatherapy, too, for me.  I know that they do make an unscented one, if you prefer.  I find this at Whole Foods.


Xyliwhite, by Now Products – This is a great tasting toothpaste (minty but not very sweet or strong-tasting) that I have used for several years.   What I love about Xyliwhite is that it is fluoride-free, and contains no lauryl sulfate. The ingredients, including Xylitol and Tea Tree, are pretty non-toxic and supposed to be very effective at helping with oral health.  I get good checkups with it — when I brush and floss regularly, of course!    Tom’s brand toothpaste is my second choice, and lots of kids like their Silly Strawberry flavor.

I have to admit, not all of my kids use this toothpaste. They are pretty stuck on their preferred flavors of sparkly watermelon or other icky kinds of “kid” toothpastes, and I think it’s more important for them to brush regularly than to brush with absolute healthiest thing, if they don’t like it.  They’re pretty picky, and don’t even like the Tom’s strawberry one. Anyhow, I haven’t pestered them about switching toothpastes too much.  In a perfect world, they would just use what I want them to, right?  Right.


Trader Joes “Spa Nourish” shampoo – This is my “tried and true” shampoo – healthy ingredients, no SLS, inexpensive, I like it a lot.  No scent, good to hair.

Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit and Sugar Beet Shampoo – My teenage girls really love how this one treats their hair.


Tom’s various deodorants – Each of us seems to like a different variety, and there are quite a few to choose from. These are free of aluminum, and less nasty than mainstream deodorants, but still contain propylene glycol, which I don’t love.   I’d love to find something even less toxic, but it’s gotta work, and so far, this is the best I’ve found.   Even our local grocery stores are carrying these now.


My whole family is extremely fair, so sunscreen is critical for us.   My eldest daughter has the most sensitive skin of all of us.  When she was a baby, if her skin touched polyester, she’d break out all over with spots.   Her favorite sunscreen is Lily of the Desert SPF 30+.


I hate lice!!  Even saying the word makes me itch.   Almost every family gets them sooner or later.   I sure did hate having them, and having to choose from the very-toxic stuff at the drugstore.  It seemed to me that there must be a natural, but effective way to get rid of them.   Well, there is, and I wrote it down for you…

First, get some tea tree oil shampoo and tea tree oil – most healthfood stores sell these – and start using the shampoo on everyone in the house – or add the oil to their favorite shampoos.  Warning: tea tree has a strong smell, and make super-sure it doesn’t get into kids’ eyes.  This is the kind of shampooing you should definitely do for them, if they’re little.  Soak all brushes/combs in hot water with tea tree oil in it.  Change and wash everyone’s pillowcase daily, other sheets at least a couple times a week in hot water and a hot dryer.  Put all blankets through a hot wash once when you find out you’ve got lice, and weekly after that until they’re gone.

Next, get a Licemeister comb (yeah, I’m not kidding, this is *THE* comb – $14.85 at Amazon and worth every penny!!!) and comb everyone, twice a day.  I have seen them sometimes at Walgreen’s, but I bought my first one online.

For my family, this combination of healthy, nontoxic measures worked better than Rid or that other chemical poison ever did. It may take a week or two for them to be gone, but it always did no matter what we tried, for us.


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