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3/25/11 UPDATE: Don’t be fooled by the fact that Fukushima Nuclear plant is no longer on the front page news.   Even though there is now power to the reactor, the situation is actually worsening at this time.  Please read this current article at Natural News for details and some common-sense precautions.  I am still giving my family small daily doses of Potassium Iodide.  I have just added more Vitamin C to my kids’ supplements, and I’m taking both extra Vitamin C and my usual COQ10, per Dr. Mercola (link at the bottom of this blog).  These are good, harmless ideas for helping your body protect itself in a time of extra toxic risk.  I am watching the local radiation numbers, via some websites, and if we see a big increased exposure, I’m ready to take additional precautions.  Don’t forget to eat some good veggies and hug your kids!  Be prepared, but don’t let fear eat you up.

All the news from Japan has me thinking about what we can all do to minimize any effects of even miniscule amounts of radiation.   Just thought I’d toss it out that this is what I’m going to be doing in the weeks ahead, to support my family in dealing with the toxic environment of our world.  The halfway good news, for those of us with autistic kids, is that we may already be doing some of these same things to support them in dealing with heavy metals and other toxins:

MOST IMPORTANT  Potassium iodide – Building up iodine to healthy levels helps to protect the thyroid from damage by radioactive iodine.   I’m planning to give my whole family, especially the kids, a small dose of potassium iodide daily until the Japan crisis is completely over.  With the gulf stream heading right toward us on the west coast, and a history of heavy metal toxicity and autism in my family, I feel that I need to be vigilant.  After Chernobyl, thousands of kids got thyroid cancer due to radioactive iodine.

Something like 95% of Americans have a thyroid deficiency.  I plan to give my family low doses of potassium iodide to support general thyroid health until we find out whether we have a real radiation exposure.  If we do find out there’s a real exposure where we are,  I will give the radiation dose.  Giving the higher dose for a longer period is not recommended.  We are in California, which is one of the most likely places that a real radiation exposure could occur from the Japanese tragedy.  I am also watching the radiation levels in my state daily on a website that is monitoring them.

One very sensible site I read suggested that the best way to protect your body from radiation in the meantime is to “completely nourish your body with whole, organic, prothyroid foods (animal protein, fruits, fruit juices, coconut oil, coconut water, white sea salt, etc.).   Maybe easier said than done with some of our sensitive/picky kids, but words to live by for all of us, nonetheless.

WHO Recommended Dosage for Radiological Emergencies involving radioactive iodine[25]
Age Mg Potassium Iodide
Over 12 years old 130
3 – 12 years old 65*
1 – 36 months old 32
< 1 month old 16

Glutathione – Supports detoxification

Milk Thistle – Supports the liver in getting rid of toxins

Modafilan – Russian seaweed extract detoxifier, developed and tested near Chernobyl

Broccoli, cauliflower – Cruciferous vegetables support the body’s ability to detoxify

Infrared saunas – A great way to sweat out all kinds of toxins, and feel wonderful!

Useful Reading:

Iodine for Radiation Exposure, Natural News

Protocol for Nuclear Contamination: Glutathione, Chelation, Clay, Baking Soda, Natural News

Don’t Go Nuclear: Protecting Yourself from Radiation Sickness (Lessons from Nature), Dr. Bradstreet’s website

Surviving Radiation the Wise Woman Way, by Susun Weed, Master Herbalist,  added 3/24/11

Mercola on Radiation, mercola.com, added 3/25/11

Natural News – They have been writing good current articles on the status of Fukushima each day.

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